first rehearsals / playing together

february to april 2018

these are from some of the first few rehearsals, not sure how many of us there were, but i think we didn't have lambert, lewis or marco with us yet. no one could remember the name of any of the songs because they kinda all blurred together. We would just call them or say the 'Eminor' song, but they were all in e minor so this caused some difficulties. as a still running but kinda not funny joke, we play the first two chords of take five by david brubeck, because thats all i know, in between any of the songs. i had to learn many many new skills, and would always smoke like a chimney during these, still do, but im kinda aware of it now. these were very very early days but not to long ago, we are all still rrly young and shit. 

it started with jacob and sam,then  stefan and kyle

then liam, and ali after i bumped into him by chance at cairncross i think

then stephen after a post was made in a facebook group looking for a drummer